MinusA2 University Edition

This month, Rabbit Air is introducing our new University Edition MinusA2 that features two of California’s most distinguished Universities.

Our first featured school is the University of California, Los Angeles. Located in the heart of Westwood, UCLA is world renowned for its academic programs and medical center. Among its alumni, UCLA boasts 11 Nobel laureates and 12 Rhodes scholars, not to mention Rabbit Air’s very own founders. On the University Edition MinusA2, UCLA is represented by the beloved mascot, Joe Bruin.


Next, we have the University of California, Berkeley, which was the flagship campus of the University of California system, and has since become internationally recognized for its stellar academics and social innovations. Scholars from the school have been involved in many important projects over the years, from the development of the atomic bomb (which happened to create the initial need for the HEPA filter) to the invention of the fruit cocktail. Our UC Berkeley front panel has the school’s nickname “Cal” emblazoned in Berkeley’s school colors of Yale Blue and California Gold.

Whether you’re an incoming freshman or proud alumni, with the MinusA2 University Edition you can fill your room with fresh air and school spirit!


“Tsuru” by Nanami Cowdroy

This month Rabbit Air is pleased to unveil an exciting new addition to our popular MinusA2 Artists Series.  “Tsuru” is a bold and dynamic work by Nanami Cowdroy that features origami cranes in an inked style reminiscent of sumi-e. Nanami Cowdroy is a talented artist from Sydney, Australia who is known for elaborately detailed artwork that weaves together dichotomous elements into complex and intricate compositions. Coming from a Japanese-European background, Cowdroy draws on her heritage to create art that takes inspiration from both cultures and blends them together to create something special and new. Using a monochromatic palate, she masterfully mixes oppositions such as urban and natural or east and west, and features every piece with her Japanese signature stamped in red.

Paper cranes, like the ones in “Tsuru,” can be found in many of Cowdroy’s works. In Japanese culture, cranes are symbolically associated with longevity and peace, and origami cranes are often made as gifts for loved ones.  According to Japanese legends, anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish. For Cowdroy, cranes represent more than just these traditional symbols.  In a 2012 interview she explained how paper cranes reminded her of her childhood and of her father and grandmother, both passed. Folding origami cranes in her studio gave her “a sense of peace, purpose and joy,” and she has tried to incorporate paper cranes into her art whenever she could.

With its gorgeous artwork and beautiful history, Tsuru is a remarkable piece that we are proud to have as a part of our Artists Series.

Controlling Bird Dander

Birds are beloved pets for their keen intellect, charming personalities, and of course, for their lovely plumage. Their feathers can come in any color of the rainbow, and they play an important role in a bird’s overall health and life.  While these feathers are beautiful and functional, they can also create a lot of powder, dander, and debris in the home. Feathers can break off during preening or play and drift out of their cages and into the surrounding areas. As new feathers form to replace those that are lost, they emerge covered in a protective keratin, the same substance that makes up our hair and nails, that gradually flakes away producing bird dander. There are even some species of bird that produce extra keratin to spread over their feathers to make them waterproof, contributing to even more powder to the air.

Since birds have delicate respiratory systems, it is important to make sure that the air they are breathing is as free of all these particles as possible. Keeping the air clean of bird powder can be important for visitors as well, as bird dander can trigger asthma or allergies. Pet owners can help reduce the amount of bird dander and powder in a number of ways. Making sure that the bird gets frequent baths is not only a good first step, but many birds actually enjoy getting to play in the water. Frequent vacuuming can also help to take care of any fallen feathers that have ended up on carpets or furniture. To help ensure that the powder and dander get filtered out of the air, bird owners can run a HEPA air purifier, such as our MinusA2 with the Pet Allergy Customized filter, in the room where the birds are kept. Taking care of these airborne particles is a great way to help keep your birds happy and healthy!

The Benefits of an Air Purifier for Your Vacation Home

Summer is just around the corner, and many families are getting ready to start going to their vacation homes. While many have fun accessories at their vacation homes, like a pool, barbecue grill or an outdoor deck for entertaining, most have forgotten one of the most important accessories for their vacation homes: an air purifier. Let’s talk about the benefits of adding a HEPA air purifier to your vacation home.

An air purifier can add a little fresh air to a stale house. You’ve probably noticed when you first go to “air out” your vacation house that it smells a little stale. This is because it has been sealed or boarded up all winter long. If you’re like most, you haven’t been there in months! Running an air purifier while you are there will help make the air fresher, smell better, and even make it better for you to breathe. While we’re not advising you to stop opening your windows to freshen the air in your homes, turning on your purifier will help keep your vacation home fresher and allow you to breathe high quality air for you and your family.


Charles Welek, Realtor, poses in front of a vacation home in Lake Ozark. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Having a home by the beach can have its challenges when it comes to air. Many beach vacation homes have the tendency to attract mold. If you have someone in the family with a mold allergy, be careful of mold spores as they can trigger allergic reactions. While you need to remove and/or clean the mold from the home – an air purifier in addition to this process will remove the tiny mold spores that still stay in the air after you’ve cleaned or gotten rid of the mold.

A Great Way To Welcome Guests

There’s nothing like a deep, relaxing night of sleep in a vacation home. There’s also nothing more memorable than tossing and turning, and not being able to sleep in someone’s vacation home. We’ve probably had both experiences, and we all know which one we’d rather have again! Putting an air purifier in your guest room will purify the air and let your guests breathe deeper and sleep more sounder. Any guest staying with you will certainly appreciate this thoughtful touch.

The Perfect Addition To Your Baby Or Child’s Room

Today, many air purifiers are “whisper quiet” so there’s usually no worry about an air purifier keeping your child up at night. If you’ve used one at home, you’ll especially want to use a purifier in your vacation home. Not only will your child sleep deeper and more comfortably, you’ll have the peace of  mind knowing that they’re sleeping with healthy, clean air.

Air purifiers are easy to maintain in your vacation home. While some things need a lot of maintenance, your air purifier doesn’t have to be one of them. When you arrive at your vacation home, you’ll want to bring extra filters for your air purifiers so that you can be sure to start your vacation on a clean slate. Check that your air purifier turns on and that all the functions work, just as you would with any appliance you haven’t used in awhile. That’s it!